20 April 2024
blue-eyed fluffy cat

Cat snaps #3: Fluffy Felines

Who doesn’t love a fluffy cat!

Admittedly, they tend to need extra grooming, cough up more furballs, absolutely cover clothes and upholstery with fluff… but surely we can’t deny how spectacular they look.

In this album, I’ve cherry-picked some of my favourite fluffy cat photos for you.

You’ll find a range of moggies and pure breeds, with a handful of Ragdolls and majestic Maine Coons. And as per all the cat snaps in the series, each fluffy feline photo has been taken on my cat-sitting adventures.


1. Maine Coon tom

ginger maine coon tom cat with fluff

2. Perfectly groomed floof

beautiful grey fluffy cat lying outside

3. Majestic Maine Coon teen

close up of black maine coon cat with fluffy ears

4. Cotton wool kitten

furry grey ragdoll with blue eyes, sitting on cushion

5. What whiskers!

black and white fluffy cat with fantastic whiskers

6. Teensie fluffy kitten

tiny furry kitten

7. Maine Coon teen

close up of maine coon teenager and his long fur

8. Elegant Maine Coon teen

elegant silver grey maine coon kitten sitting on table

9. Calico plumage

fluffy calico cat tail

10. Soft Ragdoll floof

orange ragdoll cat with really fluffy tail, sitting on the back of a sofa

11. Wild fluff with a ruff

Wild looking super fluffy black and brown cat with a mane and ruff, looking out the window

12. Tiny fluffy kitty paws

long haired fluffy tabby lying on floor with paws on a pair of black Doctor Martin boots

13. British Blue’s tempting tummy

British Blue cat lying on its back, exposing its soft, furry tummy

14. Fluffy cat snow queen

snow white fluffy white cat sitting outside, looking at camera

15. Handsome fluffster

Fluffy tabby cat lying on floor

16. Pensive pussy

fluffy cat sitting on counter

17. Mischievous Maine Coon siblings

Two fluffy eared Maine Coon tennagers sitting in a kitchen. One is silver, the other black.

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In the Purrplex pipeline

Come back soon for my upcoming article on how to cope with moulting season. I’ll be covering preventative measures, fur removal methods as well as my favourite types of brushes and combs.

In the meantime, why not delve into a rather marvellous story about a 19th century chap and his colossal cat beard.

Bliss and Tilly x X x

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