20 April 2024
black and white tabby cat yawning

Cat snaps #1: Tongue Out & Yawn

Over the years, I have taken an unimaginable amount of kitty snaps during cat-sitting adventures. Seriously… too many!

As it would be rather insane to share them all with you, I’ve decided to break them down into categories of my favourites.

Tongue Out & Yawn is the first in the series. Enjoy!!

British blue ferocious yawn outside
Two grey blue-eyed ragdoll kittens. One with tongue out touching nose
Red collared cat with tongue sticking right out
Black and white moggie cat lying outside, yawning, exposing teeth
British blue cat with blue collar yawning with tongue curved, folding back on itself
long-haired tabby cat drinking from a tap with his tongue out
toothless tortoiseshell cat yawning with garden sheds in the background
brown tabby cat crouching down and yawning
My darling late Pea, yawning in a sunny spot in the kitchen ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
tortoiseshell cat gazing up to the left with a tiny bit of her tongue poking out
funny night time photo of a ginger tabby yawning  with eyes shut
photo from underneath a long haired tabby with tongue out to one side, exposing a tooth
tortie cat sitting on sofa with tongue out
black cat in kitchen with tongue out
blue eyed fluffy cat with tongue out
Black moggie cat grooming herself outside in the sun. Tongue out
Calico cat licking water with tongue out in the bath
Yawning ginger kitten stretching
Sitting black moggie cat with green collar and tongue peeking out
Two cream and red ragdolls in the grass with tongue sticking out
Funny photo of British Blue cat with paw up and tongue out

Quick cat tongue fact

Surely you must have noticed that unlike the slobbery, slathery lick of a dog, pusscats licks have more of an exfoliating quality.

Well, in case you don’t happen to know already… this sandpapery feeling of the cat’s tongue is due to keratin barbs called ‘papillae‘.

Share your cat snaps with us

Bliss and I would love to see what tongue out and yawning treasures you have lurking in your phone!

Just #purrplexcity on instagram and we’ll share our favourites with the world.

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Bliss and Tilly x X x

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