20 April 2024

Cat snaps #4: Eye-catching

As I’m sure you can imagine, during my years of cat-sitting I have gained the trust of many a feline. Through this trust, I have been able to get up close and personal to photograph these mesmerising eyes.

As you’ll see, I’ve picked out some of my favourite close-up photos of cat’s eyes, showing diversity in colour, pattern and pupils.

If you would like me to add a pic of your cat’s eyes to this album, just #purrplexcity and I’ll add on the favourites. You’ll find more details at the bottom of the post.

In the meantime… enjoy!!

1. Look into my eyes…

2. Blue eyed kitten

close up of blue eyed ragdoll kitten

Did you know that all kittens are born with blue eyes? Their eyes open at around day 10, and appear blue in colour. However, it is only weeks later that the pigment develops into their true eye colour.

3. Focus on my finger…

blue-eyed siamese cat on wooden floorboards

4. Who you looking at?!

5. Wild eyes

6. I spy with my catty eye

Side on close up of female black and white moggie cat with green eyes.

7. Bird watching

green eyed black and white cat

8. Green-eyed girl

How gorgeous is this little chap that I snapped a few years ago on holiday?! As you can see from the two different eye colours, he has heterochromia.

9. Heterochromia

Heterochromia black and white moggy cat. One green eye one blue.

10. Ice eyes

Close-up of blue-eyed cat.

11. That looks tasty!

Close up of beige cat with big pupils and green eyes

12. Orange and blue

Close-up of cat's eyes. British Blue with orange eyes

The origin of cat’s eye reflective road markings

While we’re on the topic of cat’s eyes, we may as well have a quick look at where catseye road markings originated.

They date back to the mid 1930s in England, and as expected, were inspired by the reflective nature of cat’s eyes. The inventor was a fellow named Percy Shaw, and in case you’re interested in checking out his original patent, here’s the link.

Share your cat snaps with us

Sharing is caring as they say, so let’s see what cat’s eye close-ups you have lurking in your phone’s album!

Just #purrplexcity with your best cat eye photos on social media, and I’ll share with the world.

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Tilly x X x

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